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Bella Electric Kettle Lid

The bella lid electric kettle is perfect for quick boil of 7 cups of water. This kettle comes with a quickly boil function which makes it perfect for quick water boils.

Kk-2030 Broken Spout No Lid See Pictures
Bella 13822 1.7L Glass Kettle
With Detachable Base And Boil Dry Protection
- Purple
With Detachable Base & Boil Dry Protection, Silver Tile

Top Bella Electric Kettle Lid Reviews

The bella lid electric kettle is a great addition to any kitchen. This kettle isdedicated to be a over the counter electric kettle. It has a broken spout, which makes it perfect for making tea. The electric nature of this kettle means that it will never overheat and the its design will keep your tea at a consistent temperature.
the electric teakettle electric kettle is perfect for those who want a sophisticated and luxurious kitchen experience. The kettle is made with two layer of electric ceramic kettles that allows you to customize your cooking style. The swivel base ensures that you can keep track of your tea while the temperature control ensures that you have an elegant and luxurious meal.
this is a bella lid electric kettle. It is a perculater and it never has been used. It is a good kett for making tea.

The new bella 1. 7 liter glass electric kettle is a great replaced than ever before! It quickly boils 7 cups of water in 6-7 days and can keep your kitchen clean and organized for years to come!